a first encounter. A day on the calendar. An evening with the family. Girls night. That awkward right of passage into puberty when boys don’t have cooties. But what is it really? There’s so many definitions it’s almost undefined. So how the hell is society supposed to have blind dates?! Who pays? Where do you go? Who initiates it? So many unknowns. Some turn out amazingly. Others turn out poorly. And what about those weird ones where one person had an incredible time but the other didn’t? How do you handle those cases? I’ve been in all three situations and the only answer I can think of is to breathe. Live life for the day and not the date. Don’t pressure yourself or go in with preconceived notions. Just exist. Smile. And breathe. And when all else fails, it wasn’t a date…it was a day.


Match Game

What is online dating? The whole point is to eventually meet them “offline” and continue the dating process in the the pre-internet fashion; yet we still find most of our relationship is built by words on a screen. “I saw this on your profile and I think we are perfect for each other”, “I texted you the winking emoji, I thought you knew what that meant”. These are the things we are relying on now instead of our core values and personal intuition. What happened to the days of romance? The days of courting? I’m all for the strong independent woman; but I want the days where my date pulls out my chair,  at least offers to pay for a first date, and actually calls to hear my voice and hold a conversation. I think intelligence is sexy.  I think we need to put humanity back into the dating scene and leave tech out of it. Yes, I am guilty of using the very system I am belittling; i’m not saying it’s all bad – i’m just saying we need to remember that there was a period of time before we had these luxuries and I feel dating was much simpler then.

Chapter new.

The gift of unemployment. It really can be a gift if you go into it with the right attitude. While no one likes being let go from their job or dealing with the financial strains of unemployment, especially during the holidays, there are positives that can come from it. I am using this opportunity to have self reflection and meditation. It’s a great time to get an exercise regiment going and to really get career goals in order. Build a routine and build daily goals. Be alone with yourself. Be yourself. See who you are and just remember to be.

Simply yours



One word can turn your expression around.



That look in your eyes when you pretend to be mad.

The lines in your cheeks

Your impeccably white teeth

You speak without words.

A message so clear it’s impossible to not be heard.

Your face…it creates..a memory I will never erase.

Who I am and why I’m here.

Well no one really knows the answers to those but this is what I have so far…

I’m a 24yr old from the Midwest and I now live in California. I have a bachelors degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. I’m here to hone my skills from college and to find a career path that utilizes what i already know. With social media being king ofmarketing, blogging university will be very helpful to me.